Monday, December 11, 2023
After an aggressive rate-hiking cycle that lasted nearly two years, the Fed is expected to start cutting rates in 2024.Moderating inflation and a resilient economy suggests the Fed...

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Biden to host Zelenskyy at White House amid stalled negotiations

The meeting is the latest White House effort to apply pressure on Congress. | Susan Walsh/Pool/AFP via Getty Images President Joe Biden will host...

State Department OKs sale of tank ammunition to Israel in deal that bypasses Congress

That means the purchase will bypass the congressional review requirement for foreign military sales. Such determinations are rare, but not unprecedented, when administrations...

Inside the closed-door meeting where Tuberville caved

Sullivan, a colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve, leaned on his status as the Senate’s only serving military officer. He warned that an...

McCarthy says he will support Donald Trump in his 2024 election bid

McCarthy, who clinched the speakership after 15 votes in January, was ousted from his position in October after hard-right conservatives lodged an effort...

After ’helluva ride,’ McHenry talks 2024 agenda

First things first McHenry said his top priority is to pass and enact legislation on cryptocurrency, data privacy and capital formation. He said he’s working...



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Looking for a Greener Way to Fly

The Treasury Department is about to announce tax credits for sustainable aviation fuel, which raises the question: What fuels are actually “sustainable”? Source link

How Great Was Bill Belichick, Really?

It was over before it was over. Last Sunday, in a game against the Los Angeles Chargers, the New England Patriots trailed 6–0...

Why Are House Republicans Leaving Congress?

Listen and subscribe: Apple | Spotify | Google | Wherever You ListenSign up to receive our twice-weekly News & Politics newsletter.Former Speaker Kevin...

The Abortion Plot

In the nineteenth century, when a character had premarital sex, you held your breath not for an abortion but for a wedding. Think...