World Health Day 2022: WHO’s Theme is Talking about Mental Health and Everything in Between

The World Health Day for 2022 revealed its theme, and it focuses on mental health to insurance, with the organization saying that everything in between is also adopted into this special day. It is a significant day to reflect on one’s well-being and lifestyle, especially as now, the world faces its second year under the pandemic’s bad graces.

World Health Day 2022: When is It, What Is Its Theme?

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WHO said that World Health Day 2022 will take place in its yearly setup every April 7, and this year, it will be on a Thursday. The event would highlight the importance of health to a person’s life, and the event would commemorate the promotion of its significance in every function of a person, especially as it is a massive factor that keeps the public moving.

The theme for this year’s World Health Day is “our planet, our health,” and it encompasses mental health to insurance, and everything in between. It also focuses on the pandemic’s effects on people, particularly with the pollution levels in the world going at different levels due to the reduced footprint in their daily lives.

WHO aims to create societies that focus on the wellbeings of each and every person on this planet, as residents and important elements in the globe.

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World Health Organization and World Health Day

Everything sustainable and focused on a person’s well-being is geared towards mental health and its importance in the everyday life. The security of health and life is also seen in this year’s World Health Day, also tackling the significance of insurance on a person’s life.


The theme for this year focuses on well-being and the future, especially as the globe is nearing the end of the pandemic and begins the healing process.

Mental Health and its Importance

Mental Health is a massive topic in the past years, and it is especially a significant one due to the pandemic that kept people away from friends and family, as well as locking them down in their homes. The importance of mental health is a massive debate among professionals and even tech companies, particularly their effect on the public.

Social Media gave the public a chance to showcase their lives online, and that reason alone is a massive breach of a person’s mental health as physical interactions are significantly reduced. Studies are now popping up and explaining the effect of technology on the public’s health in general, with mental properties being an extensive topic within it.

The world may be moving faster compared to before, but it is also getting aware of the different effects it has on a person, even their mental well-being which was not even a topic in the past decades. Now, the World Health Organization is focusing its efforts on promoting health and wellness to the mental capacity of a person, and of course the importance of insurance in every process in the world.

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