Why Is My Eyelid Twitching?

But extra generally, it’s stress, lack of sleep or extreme caffeine consumption that brings on eyelid twitching, the consultants mentioned. Dry eye, a standard affliction amongst those that stare at screens a lot of the day, is one other offender. Studies have indicated that we blink much less when digital gadgets, which makes our eyes really feel dry.

There isn’t any fast repair for an eyelid twitch as soon as it begins, Dr. Lorch mentioned. But synthetic tears, eyedrops that lubricate the attention, might help. Ideally, select ones which might be preservative-free, as a result of chemical preservatives can sometimes be irritating. You may attempt massaging your eyes within the bathe or overlaying your eyes with a moist, heat washcloth proper earlier than mattress, she added, which can assist calm down your eye muscle tissue and open the glands on the margins of the eyelids. This will increase oil move into the eyes and slows down tear evaporation.

Other preventive measures embody getting more rest and reducing stress.

“Twitching is a signal by your body asking you to slow down,” mentioned Dr. Raj Maturi, a spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Decreasing caffeine consumption may assist stop eye twitching, as a result of massive quantities of caffeine can lead to muscle tension. Having one or two cups of espresso every day ought to be wonderful, Dr. Lorch mentioned.

It’s additionally necessary to remain hydrated and eat a balanced food plan that features meals excessive in potassium (potatoes, bananas and lentils are nice sources), magnesium (present in leafy inexperienced greens, complete grains, beans, nuts and fish) and calcium (attempt dairy, sardines, darkish leafy greens or fortified breakfast cereals), since imbalances in these minerals could result in twitching.

Tonic water is typically touted as a remedy for eyelid twitching as a result of it comprises a small quantity of quinine. Quinine, a drugs authorised by the Food and Drug Administration to deal with malaria, has additionally been used off-label to treat nighttime leg cramps, one thing the F.D.A. says is neither protected nor efficient. There isn’t any scientific proof that tonic water prevents or alleviates eyelid twitching.

Rarely, eye docs will use Botox to cease the twitching by injecting a small quantity into the orbicularis muscle that surrounds the eyelids, however that is accomplished “only in severe cases,” Dr. Erwin mentioned.

Eyelid myokymia often goes away by itself with out medical intervention, the consultants mentioned. For most sufferers, it’s only a matter of resting, taking steps to cut back stress, lubricating the attention and ready it out.

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