The third-gen Oura Ring is confirmed to have the most-awaited blood oxygen sensing tech. This was confirmed by Oura’s dev team on July 15.

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Third-Gen Oura Ring To Have Blood Oxygen Sensing—Offering More Efficient Sleep Health, Physiology Monitoring

Those who are interested in purchasing the advanced smart ring’s latest version can expect better sleep health and physiology monitoring.

Ever since the global pandemic began, many people have decided to purchase more advanced wearable techs so that they can observe if they are still sleeping or functioning properly.

They commonly rely on smartwatches from Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, and other top brands. Aside from these wearables, many consumers also prefer using smart rings, such as the advanced Oura Ring.

Third-Gen Oura Ring To Have Blood Oxygen Sensing

According to Tech Crunch‘s latest report, the third-gen Oura Ring can measure blood oxygen (Sp02) through infrared and red LED sensors.

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These components will rely on the reflections that bounce from the user’s skin, allowing the smart ring to estimate the amount of oxygen in the wearer’s blood.

This tech, called pulse oximetry, is already featured in other wearable gadgets offered by Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, and Withings.

But, since many experts are still doubting the clinical efficiency of the pulse oximetry, Oura Ring clarified that their new smart ring’s Sp02 metrics are not really meant to diagnose conditions.

This means that it is best for consumers to visit their doctors if the third-gen Oura Ring shows not-so-good results.

Other Details of Oura Ring’s Sp02 Feature

Oura explained that their version of the blood oxygen sensing tech is more efficient since they are layering two metrics on top of the third-gen Oura Ring’s Sp02 measurements. 

These are specifically the average breathing regularity and blood oxygen. For those who are not familiar with these metrics, the breathing regularity attempts to identify unusual breathing patterns. 

On the other hand, blood oxygen estimates the amount of oxygen in your blood. Both of these additional metrics are turned on by default so that wearers can regularly check their breathing patterns and blood oxygen percentages. 

“The Oura Ring will now be able to provide a more comprehensive assessment of sleep health and physiology,” claimed Oura Science’s Head Shyamal Patel, Ph.D.

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