The Pros and Cons of Me Having a Kid

Pro: Having youngsters feels proper for me. It’s essentially the most profound act of love that my lovely accomplice and I might undertake.

Con: I would like a accomplice to have youngsters. How do I discover one? Do I’ve to go away my house? That sounds terrible.

Pro: The metropolis is opening again up—it’s time so far. Wanting youngsters will give me further motivation to exit and woo. And I’ve heard that baby-making intercourse is mind-blowing!

Con: But, as soon as I’ve youngsters, my spouse and I’ll by no means get to take pleasure in one another, as a result of my child will cry nonstop for a thousand days.

Pro: Those cries might be nothing in contrast with the enjoyment of watching my baby develop language, reasoning, ethical consciousness, and an harmless enjoyment of puppies and ice cream and the way in which the solar dances at daybreak and brings heat and life into an in any other case chilly, detached universe.

Con: Overpopulation?

Pro: My sensible, morally conscious child will combat towards overpopulation.

Con: That seems like a bullshit rationalization that an élitist liberal would use in an overwrought suppose piece.

Pro: My genius child will eat overwrought suppose items for breakfast!

Con: Yeah, completely. She’ll learn tons of suppose items when she’s three years previous, in between bouts of sneezing in my face and screaming “Daddy, I hate you!” as a result of I gained’t let her journey me like a pack mule for greater than two hours on nature hikes.

Pro: Hey, Mr. Sarcasm, weighted nature hikes are an unimaginable exercise. And parenting a helpless baby who calls for my full consideration can be a lovely dedication to unselfish love.

Con: I’m a egocentric monster who would relatively spend my night peacefully consuming hen wings whereas watching the sci-fi cult basic “Moon,” starring Sam Rockwell, than caring for a needy, bizarre flesh-bundle who communicates by shrieking.

Pro: Fun truth—these shrieks are literally my conscience telling me it’s time to step up for others. That’s how we develop!

Con: “How we grow”? Puke. Once my child grows up, think about wanting her within the eye and saying, “You’re basically my personal, experimental self-help project.”

Pro: But think about my child’s response to that assertion! It can be so fascinating and would make for a hell of a chapter in my memoir.

Con: So, if I’ve a child, I’ve to jot down a memoir? Way to pile on the large commitments, fool.

Pro: My pleasure! Memoirs are super-fun to jot down if you’re in your sixties or seventies and you’ve a nice grownup child who injects that artistic, youthful power into your life!

Con: Sure, my grownup child will “inject a lot of energy” into my life when she’s not driving on her stoner boyfriend’s extraordinarily unsafe moped to her subsequent improv rehearsal the place she runs round on stage pretending to be a T. rex. Because she’s an unemployed actor nonetheless dwelling on my dime!

Pro: That’s why youngsters want steering. I can educate my child to keep away from all of the boneheaded errors I’ve made in life, like not focussing my artistic power, spending time with individuals who made me depressing, and decreasing my main selections to complicated pro-con lists.

Con: Yes, let’s speak errors. What if I straight up don’t like my child? Then I’ll have to show my child that having youngsters was my greatest mistake—which, though not out of the query, would most likely pressure our relationship.

Pro: Come on! That’ll by no means occur. I’ll wager a thousand bucks that my child might be a tremendous human, and we’ll have a lot to speak about. I’m certain that she’ll take after me and be captivated by music, literature, philosophy, and all the gorgeous frontiers of human data.

Con: I’m certain that my child will take after me and be simply distractible, fast to argue, excessively cynical, anxious round crowds, terrified of heights, and hooked on consuming a whole field of chocolate keto cereal in a single sitting whereas being self-congratulatory for “making the healthy choice.” How can I knowingly deliver that a lot of a fully screwed-up jerk into this world?

Pro: I’d love having a little jerk model of myself round. I might title her one thing superior, like Fireball or The Grizz.

Con: Actually, that does sound superior. The Grizz and I might journey round collectively in a bike and sidecar. Hilarious.

Pro: It’s settled, then! Dating, marriage, youngsters, and a bike.

Con: Whoa, straightforward there, Evel Knievel. I mentioned “sounds awesome,” not “yes, I’ll do it.” Like, how would I even accomplish all of these items? Would I’ve to go outdoors? I don’t know. I’ll give it some thought.

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