Store offers color-coded bracelets to show social distancing comfort levels

Metcalfe’s Market in Madison and Wauwatosa is aware of folks have completely different comfort levels when it comes to social distancing. So the market started providing free color-coded bracelets to assist folks nonverbally talk what they’re snug with.
They have three levels that mimic site visitors lights, the shop explains in a video posted to Facebook.

Red means somebody needs to keep six ft aside and haven’t any bodily contact with different folks. Yellow is labeled “elbows only,” for folks nonetheless being cautious however not essentially needing to be six ft aside. Green welcomes excessive fives and handshakes.

The bands are supplied in any respect three retailer areas. Customers can seize one after they stroll in and staff members are additionally carrying them.

“If nothing else, it will probably put a lot of other folks at ease,” buyer Howard Ellis told CNN affiliate WISN.

The retailer made a one-time buy of about 50,000 bracelets for the three areas and plans to reevaluate the demand as soon as they’re gone, the affiliate reported.

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