Spike Lee on the Knicks, and Looking Back at a Year of Protest and Activism

As nicely as being an acclaimed director, Spike Lee is the Knicks’ most fanatic booster. The director speaks with David Remnick and Vinson Cunningham about this 12 months’s basketball season—an uncharacteristically good one for his crew. And we glance again on the 12 months since the homicide of George Floyd galvanized the nation. Remnick talks with Vanita Gupta, the No. three official in the Justice Department, who’s tasked with delivering on President Biden’s daring guarantees to deal with racial injustice. Plus, Hilton Als on why America lastly rose up in opposition to long-standing abuses of Black individuals.

Spike Lee on the Knicks’ Resurgence

The acclaimed filmmaker can be the Knicks’ most fanatic booster. And this has been a excellent season for his crew.

A Year after George Floyd’s Murder, Minneapolis Activists Fight an Entrenched Police Department

Early in the rebellion, the metropolis council voted to abolish the police division altogether. What could possibly be exhausting about that?

How Will the Biden Administration Deliver on Racial Justice?

Vanita Gupta, the No. three official in the Justice Department, is tasked with delivering on the President’s guarantees for racial justice.

Hilton Als’s “My Mother’s Dreams for Her Son, and All Black Children”

The author remembers two days of unrest in his neighborhood that adopted a police killing in 1967, and how they relate to this 12 months’s protests for racial justice.

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