Pomodoro Technique: Here’s How to Use it With Tech and Protecting Your Health

The Pomodoro Technique is a method and tool to help one do the most out of one’s work and avoid losing focus and procrastinating over the significant aspects of one’s career. However, it would be better to use it with the technology available in one’s everyday life. It will help boost a clearer mind, contributing to the overall mental wellness of a person.

Pomodoro Technique: Here’s How to Use it With Technology

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People use sleep applications to help them have a good night’s rest and get the energy they need for the following day to be more productive and healthy. Of course, it aims to help and better a person’s wellness for everything they require, something like what the Pomodoro technique aims to bring for the public. 

The Pomodoro technique came from a method by Francis Cirillo in the early 1990s, and it aims to boost productivity to the fullest for a person. According to CSU Global, “Pomodoro” came from a tomato-shaped timer that enforces the 25-minute setup of a person to do work, and once the timer dings, it is an indication that a person should rest for five minutes before resuming the task. 

The study also pointed out that after four Pomodoro observances, a person should stop for extended breaks for as much as 15 to 30 minutes. 

Sometimes, it is hard to keep track of one’s progress if immersed in one’s work, and with that, technology comes into place. 

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Pomodoro Technique Apps for Android and Apple

Mental health should be the priority of many, and procrastinating may affect one’s thinking more adversely than what they think. Sleep and mental health apps like Calm help make it possible, but if for Pomodoro, users can use different features for the Android and Apple platforms. 

Applications like Pomodor, a web-based timer that users can adjust and customize to fit their needs, also show up on the browser’s URL to display the timer. It is free to use and best for web browsers on computers. 

Users can also opt for mobile-based apps like Forest, both available for the iOS and Android platforms, but it takes on a different focus as users need to plant a “tree” that will grow as time runs. It also tracks productivity and provides analytics. 

Other Pomodoro apps are available online to suit one’s needs. 

Apple’s Reminders and the Apple Watch

Some people do not want to download new apps for convenience and want to use what they already own, those available to one’s needs. Apple users have a knack for disregarding built-in apps, but they focus on productivity more than they imagine. 

Users with Mac devices can also apply this, as most apps share progress and data from the phone, Apple Watch, the MacBook, mini, and more. The simple use of Reminders to bring an alert for the Pomodoro technique and provide a frequent notification can help, and users can also use the Clock’s built-in timer for one’s needs. 

Apple Watch can give better notifications for those wanting to avoid their phones or laptops. Screen Time can help provide analytics on their device use for their requirements. 

The Pomodoro method aims to help and give users a chance to get more done, but not necessarily punish one’s self for staying productive at all times. Technology makes it possible by choosing the right partners for one’s needs. 

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