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Providing active assistance and generating motion while walking, the world’s first microprocessor prosthetic knee enhances the user’s experience.

Össur’s Power Knee

A new motor-powered, microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee called ‘Power Knee’ was introduced by Össur. Power Knee aims to help people who have limb differences or above-knee amputations have the best experience using their prosthetic knees with fresh ideas and innovative design. 

Not just that, Össur’s Power Knee is also the first of its kind the world has ever seen.

But what really makes it special? 

For starters, the prosthetic knee uses advanced algorithms to detect and recognize the user’s movement patterns, learn from them, and adapt to them in real-time, allowing for a comfortable exercise experience.

In return-while, walking on level ground, ascending and descending stairs, sitting or standing, or climbing ramps or stairs, the revolutionary prosthetic knee provides active assistance and creates motion. Thus, making it easy and enjoyable for users to move.

“The POWER KNEE delivers on that promise and represents an extraordinary milestone in mobility for people with limb loss and limb difference,” said Össur President and CEO Jon Sigurdsson.

Then, users can also perform a natural walking pattern while ascending stairs yet experience controlled resistance when descending stairs or ramps.

More than that, Össur highlighted that this prosthetic knee’s motorized feature holds something more important for wearers. 

Power Knee’s motor-driven energy encourages symmetrical motion and enhances endurance by saving the wearer’s energy. This is an important consideration for people with lower-limb loss or other limb differences.

“We have always considered the restoration of power, which is fundamental to the biomechanical systems that move all human bodies, to be a critical function that was lacking in other prosthetic solutions for amputees,” Sigurdsson explained.

Needless to say, Össur’s new prosthetic knee is set to change the course of human mobility in a previously unimaginable way. Plus, this hits a milestone for prosthetic knee manufacturers to empower wearers by reconditioning their products to provide greater assistance and an enjoyable experience.

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What is the Best Prosthetic Knee?

In terms of performance, Power Knee exceeds expectations integrated by being the world’s first microprocessor-powered motorized prosthetic knee. But that’s not the best part to look out for.

Using advanced algorithms, this prosthetic knee detects and determines user movement and continuously learns from it to keep up with user activity. As a result, users can use their prosthetic knees smoothly.

While walking, the Power Knee can extend and flex actively and return energy to the body through stance flexion. It ensures equal distribution of weight and promotes natural walking patterns.

In recognition of the tremendous potential for people with limb loss, Össur pioneered actively powered knee technology and continually expanded the possibilities in prosthetics.

Overall, Power Knee is the best prosthetic knee to date, if not a game-changer for other manufacturers and wearers.

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