New Law Requires Texans to Have Counselling Before Being Allowed to Vote

AUSTIN (The Borowitz Report)—Governor Greg Abbott has signed into regulation a invoice requiring all Texans to submit to counselling earlier than being allowed to vote.

The regulation mandates a counselling session and a twenty-four-hour ready interval earlier than a voter is permitted to solid a poll, Abbott defined.

“Many people who think that voting is something they have to do haven’t gotten all of the information available to them,” he mentioned. “There are many alternatives to voting, including not voting.”

“Sometimes, a person is upset with their situation and thinks that voting is the only answer,” the Governor mentioned. “A counsellor can sit with them, pray with them, and help them make the right choice.”

Answering critics who declare that the twenty-four-hour ready interval is designed to preserve voters from casting their ballots in a well timed style, Abbott mentioned, “All we’re trying to do is make sure that voting is the right decision for them. Every day, I hear from people who voted for me who say that they’ll regret that decision for the rest of their lives.”

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