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Liposuction- A Short Brief By Dr Eric Payne

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Self-confidence plays a vital role in a person’s life says Dr. Eric Payne who aims to help his patient feel confident in their everyday life by improving the way they experience their skin. Dr. Payne is a board certified plastic surgeon with vast experience in craniofacial and reconstructive procedures. He is dedicated, results-oriented, and believes in providing the best medical care available. It’s crucial, he says, to feel as fantastic underneath as you do on the outside.

Dr. Payne established the Texas Liposuction Specialty Clinic in Houston to address this issue. The aim is to help his patients receive personalized attention and stunning results. Also, the office attempts to provide the greatest ambiance possible, as well as courteous employees, to make a patient’s visit as pleasant as the results.

All of Dr. Payne’s diverse talents and training have prepared him to grasp patients’ specific needs and provide them with exceptional outcomes on the inside and out. You can expect a joyful experience and excellent surgical results thanks to Dr. Payne’s quest for perfection.

What Makes Liposuction A Good Choice?

Liposuction is a safe and effective technique that has helped many people achieve their ideal body shape by removing tiny excessive fat deposits. The surgery is aimed at removing extra fat and improving the form and proportion of the patient’s physique. Liposuction is the best alternative for people who despite working out, dieting, or following intermittent fasting or because of a bad lifestyle could not succeed in losing weight.

When the deposited fat cells in the body, especially around the tummy area, start to enlarge in weight and density that is when a person starts gaining weight. Liposuction, as a result, decreases the amount of fat tissue in a given area. The quantity of fat eliminated is determined by the amount of fat present in the particular area. So as long as the body weight is constant, the modifications usually remain permanent.

The skin gradually gets adapted to the changing shapes of the portions of the body treated. If you have a beautiful skin tone and suppleness, your skin will appear much smoother. However, if your skin is brittle and sensitive, the treated skin may seem loose.

Risks Involved In Liposuction:

Similar to other major surgeries, liposuction has risks such as anesthetic reaction and bleeding. Mostly liposuction procedure is pretty safe and the patient can return to work in 7 days and in 4 to 6 weeks can get back to physical activities. Long-term liposuction recovery can last up to 3 months. Here are some potential risks associated:

Fluid Build-Up: There might be some buildup of fluid. Seromas are temporary pockets of fluid that grow under the skin. This fluid may need to be drained with a needle.

Numbness: In the affected area, you may have temporary or permanent numbness. Nerve discomfort that is temporary is also conceivable.

However, liposuction is a generally safe procedure and is suitable for most patients. Successful cases are huge in number with a lot of patients satisfied with the results. 

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