Home Workout: More Reps or Heavier Lifts? Personal Trainer Answers Common Social Media Questions

Social media is a place to interact and start conversations online, and its topics revolve around the everyday topics down to the most bizarre queries by curious users. One question that bugs people is if home workouts should do more reps or rounds on their regime or if lifting heavier lifts will be more effective to a person’s fitness journey.

Home Workout: More Reps or Heavier Lift? 

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Stephanie Mansour, a Physical trainer, answers the question that bugs workout buffs and exercise-centered people about their routine. Most people follow a specific pattern every day, and sometimes they spice it up with the addition of weights or adding more focus on the body like the abs, leaner body or toning, or legs. 

Mansour said that the more effective home workout or even in the gym is to do both. Doing more reps and lifting heavier will get clients closer to their goals, particularly as it intensifies the exercise. 

More reps mean that the fitness routine will have more to do and give users a chance to correct their form and do it better for a more targeted approach. At the same time, lifting heavier will challenge the muscles to do more and exert more effort. 

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Personal Trainer Answers Common Social Media Questions

The Start TODAY workout group on Facebook is a collective of clients or customers that connects them online with the proper training coach that can answer their questions. The group and many others like it aim to extend their assistance and help for everyone that has questions, and it focuses on maximizing the workout despite not meeting in person. 

Social media and other apps made way for trainers and clients to connect quickly, despite not having the chance to meet physically. 

Workout with Apps

Exercising vigorously and moderately are two different disciplines in the vast world of workouts, and there have been online debates and studies that explained its differences to the public. It reaps different results for a person, and this will depend on their body type, lifestyle, and the efforts they push in each routine or setup.

Apps help determine a workout routine for a person, but they cannot track their progress and focus on what they are doing correctly or wrong. The only con here is that it cannot express what a person needs to focus on and improve, especially if their form is wrong or what they are doing can cause more damage than build up their dream body. 

Nevertheless, it is still an effective way to go through workouts, and it is cheaper than subscribing to a gym that will get one a physical trainer. Physical trainers can help answer questions online, but it would mostly be for general inquiries like those posted above. 

The workout will be effective for a person as it depends on their dedication to the exercise. 

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