Sunday, September 25, 2022

Hiring An Ethical Hacker – All You Needed To Know

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You can never be too cautious when the question is about the security and protection of your business. And that’s exactly why in the modern world of phishing and various forms of cyber attacks, it cannot hurt to hire one of the best ethical hackers in the world on the Prohactive platform. The white hats or simply ethical hackers are the folks to entrust so you can do your job without any worries about privacy and security ever.

Who Is An Ethical Hacker?

An ethical hacker is a right person at your end who could be meticulous to evaluate the exposure and the potential risk related to privacy. You can always find it convenient for you to go on with your current IT Team for the security measures but it might cost you more than it is worth. If you don’t have a backup specialized to your software, your system is subjected to vulnerability because of the newer forms of advanced cyber attacks that use heavy encryption. Just one attack from an outside party might blow a hit over the finance and reputation of your business.

Things To Remember While Hiring

Although you should make preparations to offer a large amount of competitive pay as recruiting an ethical hacker on your team is a wise as well as a costly move. White hats (ethical hackers) claim a lot but it is worth it as you might see it as another investment to secure the future of your business by protecting it from cyber-attacks. You can also recruit an ethical hacker on-demand on a contractual basis as you might not need the service all the time.

Let him evaluate the hours of need and act accordingly. You should make your objectives clear to him, like while working on a sensitive and crucial project or business software, making a rewrite of the security software. This will save you the expenditure to pay them a salary on continuation, keeping it a frequent one-time job.

The Necessity Of A Certification

While making recruitment of an ethical hacker an integral part of your team, you might want to search for candidates who actually possess a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. This certification program is created by EC-Council in order to standardize the skills required to be an ethical hacker accordingly to the growing demand for them in IT sectors.

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An official CEH certification should be the minimum eligibility you must keep in order to recruit the right trustworthy person for your team. The guy you are going to hire will be exposed to the most sensitive business data so better be sure about verifying their eligibility before you recruit them.

One more sustainable and safer way than recruiting a completely stranger candidate, you may actually send a member of your team to hone on their counter-hacking duties. The CEH certification provided by the EC council is free for anyone to enroll so if you prefer to maintain a high-profile position in-house, you might want to consider sending one of your current IT employees through the course. There, they’ll learn to execute various penetration testing techniques which can be utilized to probe for leaks.

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