Garland defends Justice Dept. moves upholding Trump-era positions.

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland defended on Wednesday current Justice Department moves upholding Trump-era positions on controversial instances, vowing to proceed to stick to the rule of legislation no matter political strain.

“The essence of the rule of law is what I said when I accepted the nomination for attorney general,” Mr. Garland stated at a funds listening to earlier than the Senate Appropriations Committee, including that his objective was to make sure that there would “not be one rule for Democrats and another for Republicans, that there not be one rule for friends and another for foes.”

Mr. Garland continued: “It is not always easy to apply that rule. Sometimes it means that we have to make a decision about the law that we would never have made and that we strongly disagree with as a matter of policy.”

The Justice Department defended on Monday a authorized place taken beneath the Trump administration in a case involving E. Jean Carroll, a author who in 2019 publicly accused former President Donald J. Trump of sexually assaulting her 25 years earlier.

Mr. Trump denied the assault in an Oval Office interview and stated that he couldn’t have assaulted her as a result of she was not his “type.” After Ms. Carroll sued him over the remarks, the Justice Department argued that Mr. Trump couldn’t be held responsible for defamation as a result of he had made the statements as a part of his official duties as president.

In the transient filed on Monday with a federal appeals courtroom in New York, Mr. Garland’s Justice Department known as Mr. Trump’s remarks “crude and disrespectful,” however stated that his administration had accurately argued that he couldn’t be sued over them.

Should the Justice Department prevail, Ms. Carroll’s lawsuit may very well be dismissed.

The enchantment dismayed Democrats, as did one other argument by the Justice Department in May when it sought to keep hidden a memo associated to Mr. Barr’s willpower that Mr. Trump had not illegally obstructed justice within the Russia investigation.

While the division launched the first page and a half of the nine-page memo, it argued that the total doc should stay out of view as a result of it contained data that was a part of the division’s decision-making course of, and that such data may very well be lawfully saved secret.

Mr. Garland stated that he was conscious of the criticisms, however defended his actions.

“The job of the Justice Department in making decisions of law is not to back any administration, previous or present,” he stated.

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