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Top Literary Consultant and Founder of Raver Magazine Michael Beas Attends CPAC 2022 – Exclusive Interview

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Michael Beas, Founder of Raver Magazine, one of the world’s leading Dance Music Magazines attends CPAC 2022. Beas over the years has been known for being at the right place at the right time. The Beas publishing empire spans over multiple divisions that include Raver Magazine, Atlas Elite Publishing Partners, eBook Marketing Solutions and its parent company, The Beas Group, Inc.

Through his efforts Beas has helped thousands of authors sell books and become worldwide bestsellers. His has been quoted to say, “The approach is simple, publish, promote, market, brand and then amplify authors so that they can take their passion to write and turn it into a full-time career.”

Michael Beas is also considered to be a power journalist. Over the years he has interviewed Grammy Award Winning artists the likes of Ice – T, Armin van Burren, CID, Borgore, Afrojack, Markus Schutlz, Dannic, Ferry Corsten and many more.

His voice is influential in the world of dance music and is one of the leading authorities in the world of publishing and branding. We had to catch up with Beas after his attendance at CPAC 2022 in Orlando. This is what he shared:

As one of the leading book promoters and influencers in the country talk to us a little bit about your thoughts on Canceled Culture and how it effects authors in today’s evolving world? 

I feel that canceled culture is something that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We are living in a world where anyone, at any point, can get canceled for sharing what’s on their mind. It’s no different really for authors. What you put out in the world is and will be scrutinized, so the question is, what can you do to protect yourself from having that happen to you? 

That is a good question, what can authors do to not be canceled? 

There isn’t much that authors can do. Even people with a huge following are getting canceled. My advice would be to build your brand and find ways to use multiple avenues to sell your books. That way if one door closes, you have other doors through which people can share your narrative. 

Talk to us about CPAC, is this your first time attending the event and if so what was your experience like? I can’t help notice that you have a Media Pass through Raver Magazine, what message are you looking to share as it pertains to CPAC?

Great question, I was here for another event that I was attending not far away. Jeffery Hayzlett, Prime Time TV & Radio Host, Keynote Speaker, and Global Business Celebrity along with Tricia Benn, CEO of the C-Suite Network asked me to attend the National Speakers Association to help them launch the C-Suite Publishing Imprint. Launching the imprint and learning from two of the world’s top marketing experts is something that will have a lasting impact on my life and my company, The Beas Group, Inc. 

As for CPAC I wanted to support my good friend David Tice, founder of David W. Tice & Associates, LLC. He was at the event launching an Energy Council in support of a new documentary that he is producing called ‘Grid Down-Powerup’. More information on the film is forthcoming but I will say that the film is going to be groundbreaking, eye opening and inspiring. 

As for Raver Magazine attending the event, the magazine likes to cover all events with an open mind.  I personally believe in freedom and the free expression of speech. I feel that all thoughts should be shared, and open debates should be held on all topics without scrutiny. It’s important to cover this event and others throughout the year, especially considering the current circumstances the world is facing.

Music is the language of the people, so why not cover events from all sides to inspire debates on how we can work together to make the world a better place? 

Every time we are in the inner circles of publishing and marketing you name comes up. How does it feel to know that you are well known and respected in this space as the Number 1 book promoter in the country?

To be honest, I’ve never seen myself as more then someone who has passion to help authors. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve taken time to ask authors about how they see me and Atlas Elite Publishing Partners. 

We live in a world of constant validation and testimonials are so important. The response was humbling to say the least. Especially after being in this space for such a long time. 

What was the best testimonial that you received that you didn’t expect to receive? 

Wow. You are putting me on the spot with that question. I’m humbled by everyone’s quotes and testimonials but if I had to pick one, I would say that it would have to be the one I received from Andy Cunningham. I mean she helped Steve Jobs launch the original Apple Macintosh. She said and I quote: 

“Michael Beas and his team at Atlas Elite Publishing Partners have created an innovative new way to position books so that they maximize their full potential. I had the opportunity to work with Mike and Atlas Elite Publishing Partners on the marketing and promotion of my book “Get to Aha!”, which reveals the winning framework I’ve used to transform markets and industries since coming to Silicon Valley to help Steve Jobs launch the original Apple Macintosh. Mike and his team took the time to understand my goals and they worked diligently to help me achieve #1 Bestseller Status for my eBook and Print book. They also secured national media attention for me and improved my branding effort. I am happy to have worked with Mike and his team and recommend Atlas Elite Publishing Partners to others looking to make a splash in the publishing world.”

I am truly humbled and honored to have worked with so many people over the span of 7 years and well, as they say, the best is yet to come. 

Well there you have it; the best is yet to come from Founder and CEO of Michael Beas of The Beas Group, Inc. 

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