Dodow Sleep Device is Perfect For Insomniacs | Here’s How it Works

Sleep-deprived individuals often rely on supplements to achieve a better sleeping pattern. While others find it ineffective, there are new ways to solve this issue without intaking any medicines.

Apparently, insomniacs could try the latest sleep aid device from Dodow which combines technology and health intervention in one go. If you are having a hard time finding a good sleeping spot, here’s an ideal gadget that is suited for you.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device 

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Have sleeping troubles at night? You might want to try this Dodow sleep aid device for your problem.

Usually, you use a gadget before you go to sleep. This practice is deemed to be contributing to your disturbed sleeping pattern. Experts encourage individuals to ditch using any tech devices so they could sleep better.

However, Tom’s Guide spotted a good sleep device to aid your sleeping needs. The Dodow gadget is there to help those who have some difficulty sleeping.

Since its launch, Dodow has improved the design for its device for the past years. Although it underwent several upgrades already, you can still snag one on Amazon for only $50.

According to Livlab, the firm behind this gadget, it has already helped more than 800,000 people in their sleep deprivation. This was indicated in the official listing of the item on Amazon

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Dodow Device Gets Inspiration From Cardiac Coherence

In the same report, the tech site wrote that the company got inspiration from Cardiac Cohere, a popular tool for those who want to manage their emotions. In addition, the sleep device uses behavioral cognitive therapy, besides the application of meditation and yoga.

The most outstanding feature that it has is its ability to time the person’s breaths with high precision. It comes with a blue light that points out to the ceiling. This indicates the breathing rate of a person every minute.

Although some people saw results from the eight-minute mode of the device, others won’t find the same in a similar mode. There are times that people find success in its 20-minute mode.

Since Livlab is honest and transparent that this device is not for everyone, you will be given 100 days for its trial. If it does not work for you, you can immediately ask for a refund for your Dodow sleep device.

It’s always important to have a calm environment before sleeping. This will set you up for a good night’s sleep. 

Dodow Sleep Product Alternatives

If Dodow is not the best sleeping device for you, CNN listed some products that you can use so you can achieve quality rest and peace of mind.

The list includes the Calm app, Headspace, Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch, Honeywell DreamWeaver Fan, and Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant to name a few.

In another related report, EVOSONICS presented the Evo Sleep and other healthcare technologies during CES 2022 last January.

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