Comedian Karen Chee Tries to Keep Up With a New Yorker Cartoonist

[gentle music]

I do not know if I’m meant to say this,

however simply between you and me, this was a rejected cartoon.

Okay. So I assume you are simply making me draw trash.

[bouncy music]

Hi, my identify’s Maddie Dai.

I’m a skilled cartoonist.

And that is Karen Chee who, you already know

from American tv.

Thanks for being on right here, Karen.

Oh yeah, I’m so excited.

And at the moment we’ll be drawing New Yorker cartoons collectively.

I will probably be instructing her utilizing solely verbal directions.

I can not see what she’s doing.

She cannot see what I’m doing.

We’ll present one another on the finish anyway.

You have to speak about how a lot dread

you feel on a scale from one to 10.

I’m feeling no dread and all pleasure to be very trustworthy.

I’m actually stoked.

The cartoon we’ll be drawing at the moment

is a desert island cartoon.


So what do I really feel at traditional New Yorker trope?

There are two males on the island

and a stack of books, 10 books.

One of them is approaching the person who’s studying them

and saying one thing to him.


Have you ever been marooned Karen?

No, I actually would love to be marooned safely.

I’d love to be marooned

for like three to 5 days with sufficient meals.

I assume what I’m saying is I would like alone time.

On like a good tropical island.

I’d like to go to Hawaii is what I’m speaking about.

I’m going to begin with the form of my island.

Yeah, identical. That’s what I used to be going to do.

I believe I instantly made my island method too small.

I’m simply realizing the paper is so massive.

That’s what erasers are for.

You know what?

No, I’m going to hold it small simply to present the vastness

of the ocean round it.

Yeah. Solitude.


I’m now going to draw my horizon line.

Mhm, I’m not going to have one.

[Maddie] Suspended in area.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That’s cool.

Emma Allen as soon as informed me that ceaselessly

she has to give notes

that the palm bushes on the desert island are to phallic.

Oh, too phallic?

Well as an alternative of a palm tree, I used to be drawing a large penis.

So, you already know, it’s going to be positive.

You know, I can not keep in mind what the like leaves

on a palm tree.

It appears to be like like massive fronds.

I all the time go for like one predominant stem

after which spikes extending from that.

I do not actually know the way to draw what you stated

however that sounds actually superior for you.

[both laughing]

I believe it may be like a star with many factors.

Okay. Yeah.

This is my tree.

And actually it appears to be like actually lovely.

I’ve put coconuts on it.

Oh actually?

Oh, I did not even take into consideration that.

But my coconuts are lifeless trigger it is abandoned

so all of them look actually unhappy.

Totally, completely.

So you grew up in California?

I grew up in California.

I grew up within the Bay space.

I did take drawing courses after I was little or no.

Really? Yeah.

But I wasn’t excellent at them.

The unhappy factor about artwork training is that like

they form of inform you you’ve gotten to be good

at drawing form of technically, as I say, you already know

typically form of the worst, the higher.

Do you really suppose that or are you being good to me?

No I really form of suppose that a little bit.

I imply, I simply suppose that a lot of persons are dissuaded

as a result of like they draw a head unusual

however I really suppose it is thrilling to draw a head unusually.

I really keep in mind a lot in like artwork class

for some motive, this like actually caught with me,

just like the rule of halves the place you draw a large oval

after which the instructor could be just like the

eyes are midway down the face.

Okay. I do know which may appear actual

for me as a result of I’ve a large brow.

I even have a large brow!

[both laughing]

Solidarity perpetually.

Okay. So there must be 10 books, proper?

One, two, three, 4, 5, six, seven, eight.

[bouncy music]

Do you want when folks supply ideas

for cartoons or is it like very annoying?

Oh, I prefer it.

I prefer it.

[Karen] Oh, good.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I imply, I’d say that like, they have not all the time been

that kindly delivered.

Like I did have this one dude who was like,

I noticed your cartoon within the New Yorker,

and he was like, and the caption was completely off.

Oh no!

And he stated the one which he thought was higher.

And then he stated, however he printed out my cartoon

and scrubbed out my caption and put his higher one on prime.

And I used to be like, that appears like form of factor

you form of simply hold to your self.

Oh yeah.

Don’t inform, that is so bizarre!

That’s very impolite.

Very impolite. Very impolite.

Sometimes after I do like rise up

an viewers member will come

up to me and be like, I’ve a higher punchline.

And then they’re going to say one thing and

it is not a higher punchline, nevertheless it all the time like

there’s a a part of the place I’m like

if it really had been a higher punchline

would I simply then get to say your joke on stage?

Like, I do not perceive any of it.

Yeah. I’ve the 2 folks and I’ve the books.

I’ve the palm tree and the water.

I put a little message in a bottle.

Oh, love that contact!

I do not know if I’m meant to say this

however simply between you and me, this was a rejected cartoon.

Okay. So I assume you are simply making me draw a trash.

Do you are feeling prepared to go onto the inking portion?

Yes, I really feel I’ve been prepared my entire life.

I’m really simply utilizing an ink pen

for this part as a result of I can not discover my nib.

Wait then why, why am I utilizing a nib?


This makes me really feel like I’m Benjamin Franklin.

In case anyone needs to see.

Oh, so I simply ink proper over the place I drew in pencil.

And then afterwards we erase the pencil?

Is that? That’s my technique.

So throughout the pandemic, the place did you flee to?

I went to South Korea too hang around with my grandparents.

Our entire household could be very shut and I used to be like

there’s actually nothing preserving me in New York proper now.

And we’re all working remotely so I went to South Korea.

Living with my grandparents is actually the most effective.

They’re like very candy and really cute.

And we hug like 20 instances a day.

It’s actually the most effective.

My grandpa, the opposite day was like blasting music

from his room.

And I used to be like, that is bizarre habits and I like went over

and he was blasting La Marseillaise,

the French nationwide Anthem,

which is all about like blood and sweat

and like tearing down imperialism, I believe.

And he was like, This is my favourite music.

[both laughing]


That is so wonderful.

Did you return to New Zealand in any respect throughout the pandemic?

I did.

I did for 3 months.

[Karen] It should have been wonderful!

It was wonderful.

I imply, it was like fully surreal.

[Karen] Yeah.

I imply surreal within the sense that like, you already know

you had 4 weeks of lockdown and you then went, you already know

to a music pageant for the remainder of, you already know,

like type of like existed with candy, absolute candy bliss.

[bouncy music]

So are you enthusiastic about shifting again to New York?

Yeah. Yes and no.

You know the factor about dwelling in Korea is that like

as a result of I’m Korean American and everyone

in Korea is usually, it is like a very homogenous nation.

It’s principally Korean folks.

Everyone on TV appears to be like like me, everyone in magazines

appears to be like like me, everyone on the road appears to be like like me.

And it is very nice in a method that I simply by no means anticipated.

There was like a very bodily second of like,

Oh, I have not felt ugly in a very long time,

which was actually genuinely good.

I used to be like, that is how white folks

should really feel in America on a regular basis.

You’re lovely in each rattling nation, Karen!

It’s really humorous as a result of

I’m really, I’m half Chinese.

I really had this unusual expertise the place

like I used to be assembly my household there for the primary time.

And I really type of like was like

I used to be assembly them at this restaurant in Hong Kong.

You know, there’s like these large multi flooring eating places

and similar to, like a sea of Chinese folks.

And I used to be like, I really don’t know what they appear like.

And so I used to be like

I’m simply going to have to wander round this restaurant

till somebody claims this like questioning white lady.

And then I simply regarded over

at this desk and was like, My God, there’s my household.

Like, you already know, was like, There they’re!

Strong foreheads and powerful jaws.

There’s my folks.

I’m erasing.

Okay. I’m additionally erasing.

Okay. Yeah.

I really was simply taking cues from

I used to be like both she’s going actually wild

with the ink or we’re within the erasing stage.

You know, like loosely at first, I stated,

I’ll train Karen how to draw a cartoon.

And actually I left you.

You’re fully a drift on the market.

I didn’t give an oz of recommendation however I simply left you to it.

But to be trustworthy

you appeared fairly assured in your strokes.

All proper.

Okay. So now I’ve water mug and I bought a lid to use.

Oh yeah, good.

All these takeout containers lastly

having a second function.

Truly, that’s what’s taking place.

Do I squeeze this out first?

I’d try this.

Yeah. Like on one finish of your takeout container

like form of dilute it down perhaps a little bit.

Cause she’ll be coming fairly thick and quick and powerful.

In her undiluted type.

We do not essentially need the ocean to be

like an inky jet black.


But it’s your decision the guide covers or the shorts

of those boys to be-

You put them in shorts? Shorts? I did.

That’s really a actually good concept.

I gave them lengthy pants and lengthy shirts.

I gave them the three fundamental.

What are you beginning with?

The coconuts.

Okay. I’ve finished my coconuts.

Feeling fairly smug about them.

Do you suppose one

of the dudes you drew is hotter than the opposite?

I’m going to say sure, as a result of one

of them appears to be like nicer and I believe good males are very popular.

Yeah. I completely agree.

Yeah. It’s like, you already know, like scorching males studying

on the subway, it is simply type of imbues them

with a sure je ne sais quoi,

a sure willingness to tackle data and retain it

of their candy little minds.

It is, it’s enjoyable how a lot we’re excited

by the truth that males are literate.

[both laughing]

Okay. I’m going to strive

and do a shadow line on this palm tree.

[Maddie] Oh hell yeah, completely.

Okay, I’m very nervous.

Okay. Okay.

I believe I can do that.

[bouncy music]

Okay I believe that is going to be the closest factor

I’m going to get to a good job.

Great. Have you signed it?

Oh no, I ought to try this.

My nickname at work is Big Dog.

[Maddie] Do that then.

Yeah. I nicknamed myself Big Dog.

[Maddie] And then sturdy armed everybody into calling it?

Truly that’s what occurred.

And my coworkers had been like, Okay…

All proper.

Okay. I’ve a couple captions in thoughts.

Me too! Me too!

My caption is unbelievably lengthy and will get much less

and fewer humorous the extra I’ve been writing it out.

Oh, assist.

I imply, okay.

I wager it is excellent.

It’s the unique caption, proper?

Yeah, the unique rejected caption.

Karen, it is the second of reality.

Yes. You began this train

with little to no dread and no doom.

Now we have grow to be enemies, I’m simply joking.

Sorry, sorry.

We will now be revealing our cartoons to one another.

Okay. Ready Karen?

One, two, three, reveal.

I do not know the way to, yours appears to be like nice!

Oh my God! Yours is so good!

Wait, learn your caption.

One man’s concept.

Say you had to take your 10 favourite books

to a desert island, however you then wanted some bathroom paper.

Which guide would you begin with?

That’s nice! That’s enjoyable!

So I had the one that was not studying

speaking to the one that was studying.

The one who’s says on this one, You die on the finish.

[Maddie] Wait that’s so good.

I’m sorry, sorry, your coconut’s are lifeless.

It’s like a hell island.

[Karen] It is a hell island.

[Maddie] It’s just like the island in Moana

that is slowly turning to volcanic Ash.

[Karen] Yeah. But additionally they are, you already know

lengthy sleeved shirt and pants, which is a actual selection.

[Maddie] I like that.

He’s nonetheless carrying footwear within the sand.

That’s such a daring choice to not really feel the sand

between his toes.

He’s like, I’m gonna hold my boots on.

Yours is legitimately lovely.

Oh my God.

It’s so good.

Also the folks have such expressive faces

and the pants are clearly like torn off.

This is so good.

I’m additionally realizing

that I simply did not fairly perceive what you meant

by horizon as a result of I undoubtedly even have a kind of.

And earlier I stated, I wasn’t going to have one, proper?

That is completely the horizon line.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You instinctively knew it ought to have one.

I like that.

Do you are feeling that you simply [laughing]

do you are feeling you discovered something on this?

Too excessive a bar.

I believe I discovered about a lot about you.

Yeah, completely.

This was all simply an elaborate ruse

so we might spend a little time collectively.

Yeah. And I’ve a new elevated appreciation

for the artwork of cartooning.

Thank you. That is true, really.

I do.

Actually me too.

It would not normally really feel this difficult.

It is difficult.

I’m like, I can not consider I do that on a regular basis.

[gentle music]

[bouncy music]

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