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(BPRW) Racial Equity Video Anthology launched to spread insight and inspiration from grassroots leaders making change

(Black PR Wire) Thank you to everyone who joined for this year’s State of Black Philanthropy. Together, we honored and uplifted Black generosity, leadership, and community impact. We experienced the deep wisdom, power, and insights of community leaders and creatives building momentum for a more equitable and just Greater Miami. 

And to keep building momentum, the Foundation has launched a Racial Equity Video Anthology – a unique resource to spread visibility and understanding. This public video collection gives anyone access to community leaders sharing their work on racial equity and justice systemic change and Foundation perspectives. It is full of rich insight and inspiration that we hope will help inform and fuel community change. 

Seeing people personally share their stories has a unique power and is how the anthology came about. The project originated when instead of a written proposal process for the 2021 Racial Equity Fund awards, we innovated to use video. We could see, listen, and record conversations. Groups could express more easily their complex work, changing systems that hold racial inequity and injustice in place. We could capture purpose and plans but also experience their vision and passion beyond written words. 

We knew we needed to create something broader to elevate and amplify the work and this experience. That something is the Racial Equity Video Anthology collection of videos that anyone can view and download here.

We encourage you to engage with these leaders’ lived experiences and work. To learn and bring those doing this groundwork driving change ‘into the room’ – to be seen, heard, inspire, and inform. A staff gathering. A classroom. A boardroom. A dinner table. Your networks. You hold the possibilities to help us elevate them to shape our community. We hope you, like the Foundation, will gain inspiration and knowledge from the anthology and use it to advance our movement for greater equity and justice.

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