Blue Light is Dangerous Says Experts—Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Blue Light is one of the most dangerous things that users may experience every day, as it is a form of light energy that is the highest among the rest. It can cause different effects on the eyes and skin, and it radiates from the everyday devices that deliver people the technology they use, providing them updates and information. 

Most of the devices people use every day emit blue light, and it is time to know what it does to you. 

Blue Light Why is it Dangerous? Experts Claim it is Harmful

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According to Dr. Michele Farber (via CNET), Blue Light energy is the highest energy light available from artificial devices that produce luminance, coming from electric sources like batteries, and such. It brings 380 to 500 nanometers of visible light to the public, and it produces emissions that give glare against the eyes and skin of a person.

Most blue light emissions now are available on everyday devices that people use, including smartphones, computers, and wearable technology. So long as they have displays on their interface and brightness can be tweaked, it is a device that brings blue light to the public. 

It is harmful to the eyes and skin, say the experts, and it is something that smart device users need to avoid as much as possible. 

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How to Protect Yourself from Blue Light Emissions? 

A dermatology study went as far as to claim that Blue Light can contribute to pigment changes in one’s skin and not only affect the eyes. 

Experts claim that users cannot entirely evade blue light, but they can protect against it. One of the first things to do is invest in blue-light blocking glasses to protect the eyes and always enable night mode that brings a yellowish tone to the screen. 

It already helps the eyes and skin from the blue light emission. Additionally, users may opt to use sunblock to protect their skin, despite not going outside when the Sun is shining. 

Blue Light Filters and MORE

There are multiple reports regarding the dangers of blue light and the emissions it brings to the public as it is readily available from everyday devices that users utilize all the time. The blue light energy may go as far as to cause cancer to people, says the experts that study it, and no one is safe from it if specific measures are not observed. 

Before, the public was only wary of the UV rays that cause massive skin problems to everyone that has prolonged exposure to the Sun, as there are many holes in the Ozone to protect the world. Now, the threat is not external in this world, as users can have it as close as possible, coming from their trusty mobile devices that bring this energy form. 

Users have to be careful and always look into turning on the Blue Light Filter that is available on most apps or devices to help in avoiding this danger. While it does not necessarily filter all the blue light away, it tones down the light energy to radiate more of what it brings to the public, and in turn, it may help reduce the exposure that one receives from it. 

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