Birds of Tomorrow

1. Temporal Warbler:

Mature birds have a novel adaptation to the inhospitable surroundings of Earth: they secrete tachyon particles from their chest feathers, thus opening a time portal to a nineteenth-century backyard, the place they feed on seeds and small bugs.

2. Freon-Rumped Eider:

These sea geese of the Arctic tailored to the loss of their icy habitat by evolving a particular Freon gland that permits them to create their very own ice sheets on the go.

3. Lead-Backed Sparrow:

These hanging sparrows are recognized by their pink payments and armored lead wings, which permit them to hunt in excessive climate, resembling hurricanes.

4. Solar Hummingbot:

Robotic hummingbirds of the late twenty-first century turned so superior that they started mating with natural hummingbirds. Their descendants are extremely resilient and just about indestructible. With built-in photo voltaic panels, hummingbots don’t require meals and spend their time enjoyable.

5. How to Identify Birds by Their Nuclear Winter Plumage:

6. Interstellar Albatross:

With a particular pouch tailored for inhaling house, these large birds can periodically depart Earth and wander via house for many years of their lengthy lives.

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