Binance Coin Dubbed “Winner Of 2021” By Crypto Research Firm

It’s official, this was Binance Coin’s 12 months. There aren’t any two methods about it, BNB crushed it all through 2021 and cemented itself because the third extra standard coin on this planet by market capitalization. Not a small feat, contemplating the exceptional 12 months that altcoins had. Several tasks had their second within the solar, capturing capital, headlines, and a spotlight. No one acquired close to Binance Coin, although.

Binance Coin's stellar efficiency | Source: The Weekly Update

According to Arcane Research’s The Weekly Update:

“Bitcoin may have beaten the stock market in 2021, but it has been left in the dust by other cryptocurrencies. Binance Coin (BNB) is the best performer of the three biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap, with a 1344% gain. The Binance Smart Chain ecosystem has seen massive growth in 2021, taking some market share from Ethereum.”

That’s why they dubbed Binance Coin as “the winner of 2021,” and their level is effectively taken. However, there’s extra to the story. Binance as an organization was in scorching water for some time there. And their very own validators blasted the Binance Smart Chain, saying issues like, “There doesn’t appear to be any reasonable testing process in place. Every update appears to make things worse.”

Let’s discover the Binance Coin ecosystem’s tumultuous 12 months.

Big Projects Decided To Operate On The Binance Smart Chain

There’s no denying it. As The Weekly Update says, “Ethereum has lost its indisputable position as the “one and only” good contract platform.” And Binance has quite a bit to do with that. A controversial mission from the beginning, the Binance Smart Chain has been dubbed a centralized Ethereum clone. And the critics have some extent. However, though the Binance workforce did fork Ethereum’s code, they have been all the time upfront with the route of the mission. 

In BSC’s documentation, the workforce shamelessly claims that the “Binance Smart Chain uses a consensus model called Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA). (…) This consensus model can support a short block time and low fees, and it only requires 21 validators to run.” Contrast that with the 11.000 nodes that reportedly assist the Ethereum ecosystem.  

However, their plan worked and tasks flocked to it:

“Binance Smart Chain was developed explicitly to solve Ethereum’s rising gas fees and offers faster, scalable, and cheaper transactions. In the past, several alternative blockchains have tried to become ‘Ethereum Killers’ but couldn’t succeed in capturing new project’s interest. However, Binance Smart Chain is hosting numerous blockchain, Defi, and crypto projects.”

Problems And Connection To The Binance Coin

However, as in Ethereum’s case, success got here with scalability issues. A set of validators took to GitHub to boost considerations in regards to the state of the community and the way operating an entire node’s value has elevated tremendously.  “There is no code review, patches are simply committed, in most cases even without a proper description of what they do or what problem they try to solve,” the unique poster stated. 

“I’ve rarely seen something handled so unprofessionally,” the OP accused. “I have many full nodes running there and now all of them are unable to sync. Each of these servers costs me $800 per month (previously only $200), then you told me that I need faster bandwidth and disk which means the cost will keep rising,” a commenter claimed. 

What does this must do with the Binance Coin? Everything. As the native forex of the Binance ecosystem, BNB’s success is tied to the success of the entire community. Binance remains to be doing wonderful, however, can Binance Coin holders rely on that to be the case in 2022?

BNBUSD price chart for 12/29/2021 - TradingView

BNB worth chart for 12/29/2021 on Binance US | Source: BNB/USD on

Make No Mistake, Binance Coin Won 2021

It was an action-packed 12 months, however Binance Coin rose to the check. Besides the validators rebellion, the Binance workforce took care of those flash loan hacks and stored BNB’s worth rising all year long. When CZ himself referred to as for other entrepreneurs to create their own coins, NewsBTC was the voice of purpose:

“Binance is not only the biggest exchange in the world; it also has the most activities, features, things to do. BNB powers all of that. How many coins support that huge of an ecosystem? How many coins have that many use cases? And yes, BNB provides its user with superpowers while in the Binance ecosystem and helps them save money. How many other coins can do something similar?”

Let’s not child ourselves, the Binance Coin AKA BNB is a unicorn. A one-of-a-kind mission that did many issues proper and rewarded the early believers with an outstanding 12 months. A 1344% improve in worth will not be one thing we see each day. Congratulations to Binance Coin for proudly owning 2021.

Featured Image: Foundry on Pixabay | Charts by TradingView & The Weekly Update

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