Best SUP in 2022: Be Cool for the Summer with SurfStar’s Inflatable Paddle Board

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Summer is catching up, and an inflatable paddle board might be the missing piece to enjoy your perfect getaway. SurfStar is one of the best companions to add to your list. Besides portability, SurfStar‘s inflatable exhibits versatility to get the most out of your summer vacation. Whether you go paddle boarding or surfing, it’s exactly what you need to enjoy the water.

What Is the Advantage of Inflatable Paddle Boards?

Inflatable standup paddle boards, also known as iSUP boards, are a type of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) made by drop-stitching two layers of polyester fabric. On the outside surface of both sides of the material is an air-tight coating, while the sidewall is built with polyester fabric and coated on both sides. A wide-seam tape glues over each seam to make the board air-tight. This process characterizes an inflatable since you’d expect it to contract and expand.

Over the years, iSUP boards gained significant preference over hard paddle boards for numerous advantages.

For starters, they are portable. Unlike hard paddleboards, you can just deflate and carry them in your bag. Surprisingly, they are durable, too. Most iSUPs are made of military-grade PVC material sturdy enough to last for years and can withstand rocky rivers.

Students of paddle boarding, surfing, and swimming also put a significant favor toward them because they can fall on it without getting hurt. Plus, it performs better on water through advancements in materials and other configurations. Thus, it provides extra comfort as you learn new water activities.

Now, some SUPs come in different builds. Activities appropriate for these inflatable paddle boards depend on their qualities. There are all-around SUPs for those who do not find water sports their forte. Recommended width should range from 30-34 inches and a length of 10 to 11 feet.

Meanwhile, there are also SUPs designed for racing and touring. They tend to be longer, V-shaped or using a displacement hull, and lighter, so you can move at a faster pace.

What Is a Good Brand of Inflatable Paddle Boards?

To make sure you enjoy your SUP trip, a good brand of inflatable paddle boards should make it to your list, and SurfStar is the real deal. With its 10’6″ advanced inflatable stand-up paddle board, dealing with paddle boarding and other activities will offer you a journey full of mindfulness.


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This inflatable paddle board not only provides leisure but also helps you rebuild strength and energy so you can be more productive after your vacation. After all, you’ll be balancing the water with various portions of your body. This type of gentle activity keeps your body invigorated. Instead of losing energy, you may gain a lot after your trip.

Take some time off work and enjoy life with SurfStar with these key features coming your way.

Key Features

Anti-slip and durable SUP:

SurfStar Paddleboards are made of high-quality wear-resistant PVC material. You may also find the footpads extra-comfy with its anti-slip material EVA. Thanks to its materials, it can hold up to 320 lbs (145 kg).

The 10’6″ SUP board is constructed from double-layered PVC and a reinforced drop-stitch core for increased compression and resilience. Built through a reconditioned gluing technology, it tends to be more durable than traditional boards and other double-layered PVC inflatable surfboards.


With a dimension of 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″ and ideal balance performance, beginners can feel the board’s stability. To make it even more accessible to newbies, it also comes with a complete set of accessories.

Together with the paddle board, you also have a dual-action hand pump, adjustable 3-piece Fiberglass paddle that stays afloat, a comfortable backpack with padded shoulder straps and hip strap, a coiled ankle leash, removable center fin, repair kit, owner’s manual, and a waterproof bag for phone and keys.

Ultra-light and portable:

Considering its materials and 10′ proportions, it only weighs 18.8 lbs (8.5 kg), making it ultra-lightweight and convenient for traveling. Speaking of traveling, all the surfboard accessories are already packed in a backpack for extra storage space. So there’s still room for your other belongings.

Simply take it out of the bag and inflate it using the given dual-action hand pump. Setting it up will only take a few minutes. You won’t even have to exert that much effort.


Upgraded fiberglass paddle:

One major upgrade this 2022 is the adjustable paddle made of UV stabilized fiberglass. It boosts durability, power, and stability for the nylon blade while reducing flutter. Compared to aluminum paddles, it is stronger and lighter. In fact, it only weighs about 30 oz (850g) and can float in both saltwater and freshwater.

Paddle board with sports mount camera:

A remarkable attribute appearing on a budget model like this one is an Action Camera Mount. It comes with a universal thread so you can fix any waterproof camera on it, making it easier to capture fun moments while enjoying your SUP.

Safely designed:

SurfStar’s paddle board is built with a double layer PVC with reinforced drop-stitch and better gluing technology. It guarantees higher compression and resilience to ensure whoever uses it will feel at ease.

There is also an ankle leash attached to the safety ring of the board, while its other end is attached to your ankle. So if you fall, you won’t be separated from your paddle board.

Make sure that the inflatable paddle board is safe, too. Simply avoid over-exposure to the sun and keep it away from sharp objects.

Dedicated customer service:

A reliable customer service team has your back if you encounter issues. Expect a reply within 24 hours during business days, immediately easing your worries away

You’ll generally find SurfStar’s paddle board easier to operate, highly convenient to carry, safer, and a pleasure to use. You can easily get one during your most-awaited summer vacation compared to hard-made materials and paddle board rentals. Besides, it’s not just suitable for paddle boarding but also for other water activities.

When in use, you can be confident of achieving the utmost relaxation. Moreover, doing so will help you return to work as productive as ever with a refreshed mind and body. Watersports can take up your energy, but with the best SUP board, you only get invigorated as you use it.


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  • Comes with extra width (33″ compared to the 30″ width of other brands)

  • Ideal for beginners due to its materials, performance, and other add-ons

  • Has a fiberglass paddle that makes it lighter, with better texture, and more flexible and durable than a conventional aluminum paddle

  • Has a sports camera mount for a seamless SUP moment capturing

  • Provides a premium backpack with air-mesh padded shoulder and hip straps for comfortability and a double layer with soft inner linings

  • Safely crafted and designed by Adidas designer

  • Perfect for relaxation and increased productivity

  • Stands at an affordable price without compromising quality and commendable customer service

  • Full replacement/refund for quality issues; service within one business day


Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Worth the Money?

If you’re saving up and want to obtain only a high-quality paddle board, SurfStar can accompany you in both your needs and entertainment activities this summer. It’s ideal for newbies testing the waters for paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, etc. But while that’s the case, its components are also suitable for those seeking more advanced watersports.

Moreover, its qualities such as versatility, durability, stability, safety, and the rest of its premium attributes are usually non-existent in its price category. You already have a sports camera mount and a lightweight fiberglass paddle. Perhaps, one minor issue you’ll notice is the availability of other colors. Since most options are light-colored, you may want to keep it neat since dirt quickly becomes visible on it.

Another thing, SurfStar has a SUP-rise for all water sport enthusiasts like you. For just $399, you can get a hold of the best SUP in 2022 at $369.99 on Amazon and surfstarup website.

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