Best Period Tracker Apps For Women Featuring Flo, Clue, and Period Calendar [2022]

Best Period Tracker Apps For Women Featuring Flo, Clue, and Period Calendar [2022]

When it comes to menstruation and fertility, women tend to stick with the traditional way of tracking their period cycles. However, some apps can help them make this process easier and faster.

Through the period tracker apps, women will be able to determine the accurate arrival of their monthly period. In addition to this, they could learn if they will experience cramps on a specific day.

Aside from that, these apps can also help them to know the time when they are most fertile. In short, these applications could be a useful tool in avoiding pregnancy towards responsible sex life.

With that, here’s a list of the best period tracker apps that you can download on your iPhone or Android.

Best Period Tracker Apps to Download

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Here are the best period tracker apps that women can use to monitor their period cycles, fertility chances, and more.


The first app on the list is the app named Clue. According to Goss, this “highly-rated” period tracker utilizes data and science to assess the menstrual cycle impacts.

Through this app, you will get accurate insights regarding your ovulation and your period. 

Apart from that, you will learn significant factors contributing to the cycle. These include the woman’s energy level and stress, to name a few.

For those women planning to conceive, this period tracker could use your basal body temperature to aid for the ovulation recording.

If you want to download this on Android, click here. For iPhone users, visit this link.

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If you’re aiming to use a flexible period tracker, you might want to try Glow. This free application is available on both Android and iPhone.

You can run several evaluations for your reproductive health, particularly about periods, ovulation, and pregnancy with this app.

Interestingly, you can utilize its ovulation calculator for tracking your cycle.

You will get to know the symptoms, as well as the “day-to-day” moods and sexual activities. These will be the indicators that will contribute to the increased risks of getting pregnant.

Download it now on iPhone and Android.

Period Tracker

For the third app in the list, we have the “Period Tracker.” According to Health Line, this is the best app for period tracking. 

Aside from receiving feedback about fertility and periods, you will also grasp other details regarding your temperature, moods, weight, cycle length, and more.

You can freely customize it through unique fonts and themes. You can check this app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Meanwhile, you can also read our previous report about a pregnancy test that you can link to your smartphone. There are also tips that it offers according to the results. It is deemed to be easier and more convenient compared to the traditional pregnancy test.

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