Back on Earth, Shatner and Bezos have a Kirk-Spock moment.

A half-century in the past, a tv present instructed younger those that house journey could be the best factor ever. Some of them have been even impressed to work towards that objective. Science fiction met actuality on Wednesday as a type of followers, now one of many richest folks on the planet, gave the present’s main actor a temporary journey up into the ether.

The mission went in accordance with plan. The aftermath appeared unscripted, and all the higher for it.

William Shatner, eternally well-known as Captain James T. Kirk on the unique “Star Trek,” returned to Earth apparently moved by the expertise past measure. His journey aboard Jeff Bezos’ rocket would possibly have been conceived as a publicity stunt, however brushing the sting of the sky left the actor filled with marvel blended with unease:

It was unbelievable … To see the blue cowl go whoop by. And now you’re staring into blackness. That’s the factor. The overlaying of blue, this sheet, this blanket, this comforter of blue that we have round us. We say, ‘Oh that’s blue sky.’ And then instantly you shoot by it and all of a sudden, such as you whip the sheet off you once you’re asleep, you’re wanting into blackness.

Mr. Shatner was speaking to Mr. Bezos instantly after exiting the capsule with the three different passengers. The others greeted their household and pals. Champagne corks popped. There was a lot of laughter, high-spirited reduction. But Mr. Shatner, a hale 90 standing within the West Texas mud, talked about house as the ultimate frontier:

You look down, there’s the blue down there, and the black up there. There is Mother and Earth and consolation and there may be … Is there dying? I don’t know. Was that dying? Is that the way in which dying is? Whoop and it’s gone. Jesus. It was so shifting to me.

Mr. Bezos listened, nonetheless as a statue. Maybe he was simply giving Mr. Shatner some house, but it surely was a sharp distinction to his look after his personal temporary spaceflight in July when he flew the identical spacecraft as Mr. Shatner. Then, he held forth from a stage, rousing condemnation from critics of the vast company he founded as he thanked Amazon’s staff and prospects for making it potential for him to finance his non-public house enterprise.

Or possibly Mr. Bezos was simply appearing naturally. His position mannequin has at all times been the cool, passionless Mr. Spock reasonably than the emotional, impulsive Captain Kirk. Amazon, which prizes effectivity above all, was conceived and runs on this notion.

When he performed at “Star Trek” as a boy, Mr. Bezos has said, he would generally take the position of the ship’s laptop. Amazon’s voice-activated speaker Alexa was designed as a family model of the “Star Trek” laptop, which at all times had the reply to each query.

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