Amazon is Now FDA-Approved COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit At Its ‘Cheapest Price Ever’ Until July 7!

Even though COVID-19 measures have already eased and everything is going back to normal, it is better to be safe and protect yourself.

If you’re like anyone who is extra cautious, perhaps stocking up on at-home COVID tests would be beneficial for you to learn if you have acquired the virus or not, especially if you made contact with someone who tested positive.

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Although buying tons of test kits could be painful for the pocket, luckily for you, they have become cheaper (albeit for a limited time only). 

According to Wired, FDA-approved Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test from iHealth is presently on sale on Amazon for $12, which is $6 less. So far, this is the lowest price you can get for test kits.

Hence, this is the perfect time to capitalize on this offer because it will only be available on Amazon until July 7 at 2:59 a.m. ET or 11:59 pm Pacific time on July 6.

Go to Amazon now before the product is sold out! 

iHealth’s COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test

According to the product’s detail, the kit only requires a 15-minute self-test to determine whether or not someone has COVID-19. Even without sending your sample to a lab, the test can be finished conveniently in your home. 

Additionally, an easy and non-invasive nasal swab measuring 1/2 to 3/4 inch can be inserted to perform the test. The iHealth app includes instructional videos that will walk you through each step. However, it must be noted that installing the app is optional. 

The self-administered test is suitable for individuals over the age of 15. But children aged 2 to 14 should be tested with the guidance of an adult. 

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What’s Inside the Test Kit?

The iHealth Covid-19 test functions the same as any other at-home test kit. According to Wired, Additionally, it’s one of the quicker tests to administer out of all the ones they examined for their Rapid At-Home Covid-19 Tests manual.  

You will find two nose swabs, two solution bottles, and two test cassettes within the box. Simply swab both nostrils to collect your sample, dip it in the solution, put three drops into the cassette, and wait 15 minutes for the results to show up on the card to complete the test. 

If the result is positive, two lines-one next to the “C” line and the second next to the “T”-will show on the cassette. One line will appear next to the “C” if the result is negative. 

If you test negative, you should try again in about 24 to 48 hours, particularly if you have previously made contact with a person who tested positive for the virus. 

You can upload your test results to the iHealth companion app after it is finished. In the event of a negative test result, the app will give you entry to an iHealth pass that you can use as electronic documentation. 

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