A Young Child Tells Their Mother “I’m Not a Girl”

[film reel rolling] [piano key playing]

[Child] I’m making an attempt to determine find out how to put this in phrases.

[Woman] Take your time.

Have a little speak,

and I mentioned,

I’ve been hiding this for a very long time.

And you mentioned, Okay,

and also you accepted it.

I really feel like the most effective occasions

you ever actually understood me and my gender was

that very first night, I believe.

[Woman] Mm-hmm.

[bell ringing]

[Child] It was so laborious protecting that secret.

[bell ringing] [bird chirping]

I by no means supposed to let you know.

I felt like I should not.

I imply, like, even I used to be uncertain.

I’m simply a little child. How would I do know?

And then my mind went and took over, and mentioned,

You’re doing this, and I went forward and mentioned it.

And I did not imply to let you know, however now I’m so glad I did.

[children playing]

Do I actually care what all people thinks?

[Woman] Mm-hmm. Yes.

Everybody on this earth, each human being cares

no less than one tiny factor about what folks take into consideration them.

[Woman] Yeah.

[Child] But if you happen to nonetheless have that heavy weight

of caring about it an excessive amount of,

then it is going to cease you from being who you might be.

[Woman] Yeah.

[bicycle spokes ticking] [light music]

[Child] I assumed I wasn’t prepared.

‘Cause it was type of overwhelming to let you know.

And speaking about it,

I used to be beginning to really feel overwhelmed once more.

[kids cheering]

‘Cause I’m simply feeling that come again to me.

[Woman] Do you want a push?

Big push.

[Younger Child] Push! Do it to me!

‘Cause like, it is in all probability the very best reminiscence I’ve,

telling you I’m not a lady for the primary time.

But it is in all probability the worst, too,

‘trigger that was so laborious for me.

[child crying]

[Woman] I’m sorry it was laborious.

Oh, hey.

[wind chimes ringing]

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