A romanian wants to produce a documentary around the Canadian boxing industry

A romanian wants to produce a documentary around the Canadian boxing industry

Find out more about the legends of boxing in a unique documentary signed by Alexandru Lucian Auras! Alexandru Lucian Auras, the young man from Romania is passionate about the world of boxing, being present since his first steps with his father Relu Auras at various competitions or training camps.

Even if he did not choose the path of performance in the sport with gloves, he had to learn a lot from the experience of the man who led for years the teams of boxers who represented Romania from the European, world championships to the Olympics. “I grew up boxing, and my father was my master. But I did not continue on this path. Boxing is not just a fight and that’s it.

It’s a way of life. I’m trying to change people’s mentality about boxing. This is not an aggressive or tough sport. Boxing involves maximum concentration, self-control, dedication, sacrifice, confidence and sometimes pain. Not everyone manages to perform! ”, Declared Alexandru Auras. Auras Lucian Alexandru considers that boxing deserves a series of episodes through which the legends of Romanian boxing will be presented to the following generations as an example that can inspire new heroes in the magic ring.

The story could start in Romania and will continue in various locations such as Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto or Edmonton in Canada where Leonard Doroftei, Adrian Diaconu, Tony Badea or Lucian Bute, have successfully evolved under the umbrella of promoters or managers from overseas. Production will begin in late February after Alexander will visit few several boxing and mma in Canada.

Alex Mídia