A Florida Republican on Election Integrity and Trump’s Fraud Claims

How are you able to be so positive that these legal guidelines are robust sufficient to cease voter fraud however weak sufficient to not create new limitations for communities who’ve had it arduous to vote?

Those usually are not on the identical taking part in discipline, they merely usually are not.

When it comes to those prolonged traces which have occurred prior to now in Georgia — I’ve watched the information, too — it’s a must to go take a look at the native official, what did they do and what did they not do to organize for folks eager to forged ballots. The one factor we now have to acknowledge, and it’s a must to be trustworthy about this, you have got seen an increase in Black voting in our nation within the final 15 years. And that may be a great point — as a Black man, I’m 100 % behind that. But it’s the accountability of native officers to ensure that they’ve the extra polling locations they want or that their tools is sound. And I’ll inform you, Georgia’s legislation, or Florida’s legislation, supplies a lot entry to the ballots, excess of within the state of New York, excess of the state of Delaware.

You’re framing these new measures as a solution to restore confidence within the democratic course of and system. But what I don’t hear you saying — or any Republican, actually — is that they suppose the previous president impacted belief in that system. Do you suppose that his phrases have negatively impacted belief within the democratic system?

No. No, I don’t. I believe for those who take a look at what the president has talked about, the president has talked about eager to ensure that the elections are safe. That’s what he’s talked about greater than the rest.

I believe we each know the previous president has stated much more than that.

Four years in the past, this time, what had been we speaking about? About how the Russians tamper with our elections, and that went on for 2 and a half years. I don’t have an issue with these political debates. Let’s have them. That’s nice. But all I’m saying is, let’s — let’s perceive the complete historical past.

I used to be asking about Trump’s impression on belief.

All that issues: Is it simpler for white folks or Black folks, whether or not they’re wealthy, center revenue or poor, to forged ballots within the state of Georgia? And Florida? Yes or no? Is it simpler? The reply is sure. Is it much less simple for them to forged the identical poll in Delaware or New York? The reply is sure.

Last query: Do you see the previous president’s rhetoric as at the very least linked to the occasions that occurred on January 6, even for those who don’t see them affecting belief within the democratic system total?

No, I don’t.

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