Thursday, October 6, 2022
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U.S. sends carrier toward Korean Peninsula as militaries step up response to missile test

In an immediate response to the launch, four U.S. and four South Korean fighter jets dropped bombs on an uninhabited island in the...

Top Pentagon official hails Ukraine gains as a ‘significant’ accomplishment

Cooper praised Ukraine’s liberation of the strategic railway hub of Lyman in the east over the weekend as Kyiv’s forces push into the...

Inside the GOP’s heated, leaky race to lead a powerful House panel

“We knew early on whenever we got in the race that no one had it locked up,” Jason Smith said in an interview....

U.S. to send Ukraine more advanced rocket systems, officials say

The U.S. in recent weeks also provided funding through a separate program — the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative — so another 18 HIMARS...

‘Lots of heavy fighting ahead’: U.S. officials urge caution after Ukrainian gains

Ukraine’s victory in Lyman undermines Putin’s foothold in the eastern Donetsk region and “could turn into a cascading series of defeats for the...



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The Supreme Court Considers What May Be the Final Blow to the Voting Rights Act

On Tuesday, in oral arguments in the Supreme Court case of John Merrill, Alabama Secretary of State, et al. v. Evan Milligan, et al., Justice Elena Kagan asked...

Daily Cartoon: Wednesday, October 5th

“Which amendment protects us from the Supreme Court?” Source link

The Ongoing Electoral Efforts to Up the Anti-Democratic Ante

When, a few weeks ago—and two months ahead of the midterm elections—a citizens’ group in Georgia, backed by out-of-state election deniers, challenged the...

Daily Cartoon: Tuesday, October 4th

“Go ahead. Make a joke about pumpkin spice—everyone wants you to.” Source link